CallClerk - Special Programs

The following is a recap of the special programs that are installed with CallClerk:

ccAppLogSetup is used in behind the scenes by CallClerk to provide CallClerk access to your Windows' Application log.
It will be run automatically by CallClerk as needed.
It only needs to be run once. 

ccBlock can be used to remotely block an incoming/active call to a specific line or to all active lines.  This can be used, for example, by home automation systems that allow you to use a hand held remote to run a program on you PC.

Here are two examples of how you can set it up:
   ccBlock Phone Line Identifier
    ccBlock *

In the first example above, the Phone Line Identifier is the value you have set on the CallClerk - Settings - Phone Line Identifier window.
In the second example above, the * mean all active lines.

ccDBMerge is used to merge two CallClerk databases into one.  The program asks for the file names of a primary, secondary, and merge database.   The primary and secondary databases are combined into the merged database.  If there are conflicting entries in the primary and secondary databases, for example duplicate CallClerk directory entries, the entries in the primary database will generally prevail.

ccDialHelper is used in behind the scenes to enable dialing directly from Internet Explorer or Firefox.  You may also use it as follows:

ccDialHelper (Host=<IP address of target computer>or<Computer Name of target computer>) Dial=<number to dial>  RemoteConnect=<number to remote connect> Hangup

for example:

ccDialHelper Dial=5551234567   Dials 5551234567 on the current computer
ccDialHelper Host=RobsPC Dial=5551234567Dials 5551234567 from the computer with computer name RobsPC
ccDialHelper Host= Dial=5551234567  Dials 5551234567 from the computer at IP Address
ccDialHelper RemoteConnect=5551234567Call 5551234567 on the current computer, pause, and hangup
ccDialHelper Host=RobsPC RemoteConnect=5551234567Call 5551234567 on RobsPC, pause, and hangup
ccDialHelper Host= RemoteConnect=5551234567 Call 5551234567 the computer at IP Address, pause, and hangup
ccDialHelper HangupHangup the call on the current computer
ccDialHelper Host=RobsPC HangupHangup the call on RobsPC
ccDialHelper Host= Hangup  Hangup the call on the computer at IP Address
ccDialHelperDials the number in the Windows clipboard
For ccDialHelper to work fully the options 'Allow dial out', 'Allow immediate dial out' and 'Allow this computer to remotely connect a call via this computer's modem' should be checked on the CallClerk - Settings - Dialout window.

ccLauncher can be used in conjunction with the CallClerk Run Program feature to prompt you before you running another program or opening a webpage.

If you use ccLauncher to open a web page you can also included arguments associated with the phone call you are receiving in the webpage url.
he argument button="some text" changes the default button on the ccLauncher popup to be the text you identify. 

Here is an example of how you would set ccLauncher up to work: 
       Program:         C:\Program Files (x86)\CallClerk\ccLauncher.exe 
       Arguments:    button="Open" Number%  

For more information on ccLauncher please click here.

ccModemFix is used by CallClerk to fix your Windows' registry entries such that your modem will recognize caller id in tapi mode.  

ccRescan provides for a remote rescan of your Windows machine's tapi devices.

ccPCRestart will cause CallClerk to be gracefully shut down and then after CallClerk is shut down your PC will be restarted. 
If CallClerk is processing a call or a backup then CallClerk will not be restarted until after that activity has completed.
Before restarting your PC, ccPCRestart will show you a count down windows for 10 seconds during which time you can abort the restart.
However, once the count down is over, your system will be restarted. 
Warning: when this happens, unsaved work may be lost.   

ccRestart will cause CallClerk to be gracefully shut down and then restart.  If CallClerk is processing a call or a backup then CallClerk will not be restarted until after that activity has completed.             

 ccUnininstall uninstalls CallClerk.

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