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CallClerk Windows CompatibilityCompatibility
CallClerk Caller ID Software extends as much functionality as your computer's operating system, modem and phone line will allow.  Maximum functionality is available when you are running any Microsoft Windows version for PCs, Laptops or Servers from the current version of  Windows 10 to as far back as Windows XP, have a TAPI compliant voice fax modem, subscribe to a Caller ID service from your phone company and use a broadband (cable or DSL) internet connection.  MS Outlook (32 bit) is needed to enable MS Outlook contacts and journal entry pop-ups.  CallClerk also works with various limitations with non-TAPI modems.  A broadband internet connection is needed to enable call reporting via e-mail, internet reverse number lookup, call blocking, automatic tweeting, automatic posting to Facebook, the web page update function and importing from your Google Contacts.  The web page update function requires you to have your own domain name and subscribe to a web hosting service, such as LunarPages, which supports ftp uploads.
CallClerk Android AlertsCallClerk alerts for Android devices
A CallClerk customer, Marco D. Gruosso, has graciously created a set of freeware software programs which can be used with CallClerk to provide for immediate alerts on devices (such as phones and watches) running Android.  For more information please visit Marco's site:
Binaryfortress' VoicebotControl CallClerk with your voice
Thanks to Binaryfortress' Voicebot you can now control CallClerk with your voice. For example you can say things like: 'CallClerk History' to automatically open up the History window, or 'CallClerk Settings' to automatically open up the settings window.  Voicebox is available in a free and pro version, with the free version working great for controlling CallClerk. You can get a copy of the program from and then from the main settings window download the CallClerk profile from the cloud.
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