Have any questions or comments?

CallClerk comes with extensive help documentation, including a section on Frequently Asked Questions.

Beyond this questions and comments are always welcome, please feel to e-mail info@callclerk.com with your questions or comments.

Also, thank you very much to all who have provided their encouraging words of support and suggestions for new features!

Here is a list of a few of the features which have been added into CallClerk based on the feedback of its users:

- A right click context menu on the directory and history windows
- A choice of small, medium and large display windows
- Allow calls with the same Caller ID name to be handled the same way regardless of their Caller ID number
- Allowing the dial-out keypad to stay live after a call has been placed
- An e-mail saver option
- An option to automatically start recording calls when they are answered by CallClerk
- An option to pop-up a Microsoft ® Outlook ® contact card when a new call is received
- An option to pop-up the history log when a new call is received
- Automatic database purge
- Command line options
- Day and time sensitive reporting of e-mail, announcements and rings
- Distinctive rings
- Fade in and out on the display window
- Faxing
- Flashing keyboard lights when a message or fax is received
- Formatted numbers to support using Google in reverse number lookups
- Importing .wav files to be used as greetings
- Importing directory entries from your Google (Gmail) contact list
- Queue email notifications while your internet or email mail server is unavailable
- Run multiple reverse internet look-up searches for one call; including reverse look-up on name
- Supporting a shared database that is not stored on a PC running CallClerk

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