CallClerk - Settings Phone Line Window

The CallClerk - Settings - Phone Line window is used to identify the phone line being monitored by CallClerk.

Calls received by a particular PC will update the corresponding history entry with a reference to the phone line being monitoring. This is handy when multiple versions of CallClerk, each sharing the same database, are running over the network (with each different PC monitoring a different phone line). These phone line references are shown on CallClerk History window

Note: CallClerk can only monitor one phone line per PC.

Once the current settings have been modified the changes may be permanently applied by clicking on the [Apply] or [OK] button or voided by clicking on the [Cancel] button. If either the [OK] or [Cancel] button is pressed then the CallClerk - Settings window will be hidden.

The CallClerk - Settings - Phone Line window looks like this:

CallClerk Settings Phone Line

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