CallClerk - Overview

CallClerk reports and logs your incoming calls, it can also assist you in making outgoing calls.

With CallClerk you may report incoming calls via a display window showing your caller id information plus a picture customizable for each caller.  You can change how CallClerk displays the names and numbers it receives; for example instead of displaying the name the phone company reports for your parents you may have CallClerk report “Uncle Joe”.

A computerized Voice, and/or default or distinctive ring can be played for each caller.

You may also use CallClerk to block unwanted calls. CallClerk can  play a 'Take me off your calling list' message for blocked callers and it can also play the Special Intercept Tone to fool some telemarketers into believing your phone number is no longer used.

The program can also send you an email, or post a tweet to your Twitter account when a call comes in.

CallClerk can work as answering machine machine as well. It can play default and distinctive messages and record messages from callers. It can even email you the message left by the caller. Messages can be retrieved remotely through the use of a touch tone phone.

If you use Microsoft® Outlook®, CallClerk can pop-up the caller's Outlook contact card as well as a journal entry as a call is received.

CallClerk can also launch your internet browser through to a reverse phone number lookup service.   

It can also launch other programs and/or batch files, passing into them informaton about your call.

If you subscribe to a web hosting service that supports FTP, and if you have your own domain name, you can use CallClerk to create your own web page listing all received and/or placed calls.

You can also use CallClerk as a fax machine to send and receive faxes.

CallClerk maintains a directory of callers as well as a history of calls.  Calls will be automatically logged in the CallClerk database, and optionally in the Windows Applications Log.  

The information from the directory and the call history can be viewed, sorted, searched, printed and exported.  Directory information can also be imported.

CallClerk facilitates the dialing of out going calls based contents you have copied into your PC's clipboard, the phone numbers of previous callers, those from a speed dial list, or the numbers you key in.  If you are browsing the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome you can select a phone number on a web page and have CallClerk dial it.

CallClerk can work on a single PC (workstation) or over a network. When CallClerk works over a network it can report calls received on one workstation on the network to other workstations on the same network, even if the other workstations do not have modems attached to them.

CallClerk was written by Rob Latour and is being distributed as Shareware.

Compatibility notes: CallClerk Caller ID Software extends as much functionality as your computer's operating system, modem and phone line willCallClerk - Windows 8 Compatible allow. Maximum functionality is available when you are running Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP with a TAPI compliant voice fax modem, subscribe to a Caller ID service from your phone company, and have a broadband (cable or DSL) internet connection. MS Outlook         (32 bit) is needed to enable MS Outlook contacts and journal entry pop-ups. CallClerk also works with various limitations with non-TAPI modems and when you don't subscribe to a Caller ID service. A broadband internet connection is needed to enable call reporting via e-mail, internet reverse number lookup, call blocking, automatic tweeting, and the web page update function. The web page update function requires you to have your own domain name and subscribe to a web hosting service, such as Lunarpages, which supports ftp uploads.

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