CallClerk - Problems Answering or Blocking calls

CallClerk's answering machine and block features will not work if you have another running program which prevents CallClerk from answering a call.

The most common programs preventing CallClerk from answering a call include: Windows Fax and Scan, modem on hold programs and other caller id programs.

To work around this problem, in general, you will need to ensure those other programs are not running.

Windows Fax and Scan

For Windows Fax and Scan you only need to ensure that it's Fax Settings are not set up to receive  faxes.

To do this, first start Windows Fax and Scan.   To start Windows Fax and Scan in Windows 7 type 'fax' in the search bar and click on 'Windows Fax and Scan', to do this in Windows 8 type 'fax' in the Windows 8 search bar and click on 'Windows Fax and Scan'.

Next, in Windows Fax and Scan click on the 'Fax' option in the bottom left of the window and then the 'Tools' menu bar item.

Windows Fax and Scan 1

Next, click on 'Fax Settings...'

Windows Fax and Scan 2

Finally, ensure the option 'Allow the device to receive fax calls' is unchecked and then click 'OK'.

Windows Fax and Scan 3

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