CallClerk - Setup

Below are three sample setup diagrams.  In each diagram, you will notice there is at least one PC connected to both the internet and a phone line.   While a PC is shown, this machine may also be laptop or server.   Additionally, the machine which is connected to both the LAN and the phone line may be  connected to the internet either via either a wired (eithernet) connection or wirelessly (Wi-FI); it is connected to the phone line via a PC phone modem.

Other PCs, laptops or servers on your network do not have to be directly connected to your phone line for CallClerk to report Caller ID info on them.

The internet connection between any of your PCs, laptops or servers can be either a wired or wireless connection.

The PC phone modem may be either an internal or external (USB) modem.

Example 1 (with phone line from a phone company):

CallClerk - Connection Setup

Example 2 (with phone line from a VOIP service):

CallClerk - Connection Setup 2

Example 3 (with an Internet provider that also delivers phone service):

CallClerk - Connection Setup 3
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