What can CallClerk do for me?

CallClerk automatically manages and logs all your calls, exactly the way you want.

For nuisance callers CallClerk can play a 'please do not call again' message and then automatically hang-up on the caller.

For familiar and unfamiliar callers you can set CallClerk to pop-up a display with the name, number and picture of the caller, sound a distinctive ring, announce the caller's name over your PC speakers, pop-up an Outlook contact card and journal entry, send you an e-mail, send a tweet, and/or update your Facebook page to let you know someone has called.

The program can also play a distinctive answering machine greeting and record a message, accept a fax, perform an internet reverse look-up, launch any another program, update your personal call history and directory, and even post a record of the call to your own web-page.    The program also provides for an Automatic Number Announcement (ANAC) feature; i.e. CallClerk can play back to the caller thier caller id number and caller id name information.

CallClerk supports dialing directly out of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, your directory, history and its own keypad (which also adds up to 20 speed dial numbers). 

CallClerk's interface is simple and easy to use.   There are loads of settings allowing you to tailor the program to make it the best caller id program specific to your needs.

CallClerk works with all other PCs, laptops and servers on your network  - so no matter which machine you are using you will know who is calling.

Absolutely no other Caller ID program can do all this for you!  

The paid and free versions of CallClerk are one!

CallClerk comes with a free 30 day trial during which time it is fully functional.  However, even if you never license CallClerk you can continue using it for free after your trial period to alert you of incoming calls via CallClerk display pop-ups and to automatically block, log and view calls in history.  Licensing CallClerk allows you to keep it running with all its features fully enabled.

CallClerk, working with a caller id modem, can monitor the following types of phone lines:
- Traditional (AT&T, Bell, BT, Qwest, Version, ...)
- VOIP (Vonage, Magic Jack, Google Voice + Obi, ...)
- Cable (Comcast XFinity, Time Warner Cable, ...)

CallClerk has registered users in over 50 countries!
Including: the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Greece, Spain and India - just to name a few.

As caller id information is almost always delivered before the second ring, a second ring is almost never heard for blocked calls.

CallClerk can block calls, even if a particular nuisance caller has never called you before,
based on their caller id, your black list settings and optionally community feedback on nuisance callers.

CallClerk includes extensive help documentation
which can be accessed either on or offline.

CallClerk's license fee is paid just once.
There are no additional monthly or ongoing fees, and upgrades are always free to license users.

Here's a look at CallClerk's Control Panel which allows you to set and see at a glance how the program manages your calls.

CallClerk Control Panel

 Here's what CallClerk users are saying:


Easy to use ...  the author offers unbelievable free, customized support-very responsive. It works with a Hiro USB modem using only Hiro's driver and not Windows' driver and each call that comes in gets marked friendly, unfamiliar, or blocked. Customized answering is possible for all three calls including a disconnect tone and faxes and voice messages are emailed right away. I never miss a call anymore and my phone rings with calls from people *I* want to hear from. The spammers are calling somebody else right now and that suits me. Peace at last. The Do Not Call list does not work. CallClerk does.
I am 100% satisfied.

Outstanding personal attention to needs for custom requests! great price and free upgrades

Most compatible with modems. Easiest to configure. Stores incoming messages. Rings on your PC speaker optionally upon receiving a call. Plays one .wav file of your choice to pests and disconnects the pest after no more than two rings.  ...

Never have to deal with phone pests again. Ever. Period. Achieve total control over your telephone line. It is better than all other competing programs, and yes, I have tried all of the free ones and all of the trial versions. Call Clerk is worth $350.
<author's comment: but sells for much less :-) >

Rob cares about the client. He provides a great deal of support info on the website, but if you need additional help just ask.

It is such a pleasure to email a question about software and actually get a detailed answer--very rare these days.

He even offered to phone me to discuss my modem issue.

Highly recommended!
(RR- Texas)

 I  am very impressed with your software and abilities.  ....

I looked at more than 15 programs and it did not stand out as it should have.  I downloaded and installed 3 or 4. 

But yours was the best.
(JL - Virginia)

This software is awesome!

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